How Organizations Can Master The Traits Of Agility

“Within any organization, you can create an institute of expertise where you begin to create a system where knowledge is handed down through study, and teaching” says Jeff Chavez of Authentic Development. Through a process called the “everyone teaches cycle” you ask team members to teach the things that they’ve learned. At the end of a meeting that took 30 minutes, you can ask a counterpart to spontaneously summarize the content of the meeting in three minutes, and if everybody knows what’s going on and they know that those are the exercises for excellence, attention and comprehension skyrockets. The person who was asked to summarize it unexpectedly in three minutes leaves the room with an elevated level of expertise and the others gained a higher level of retention in the process. Jeff Chavez of Authentic explains, “Simply put, there’s power in the process of teaching each other.” 

One of the leaders of Bain Capital, talked about the “power of the pause”, and he explained that he has gained more insight and truth with this simple technique. When asking a question in a room, and when silence fills the room as people wait for others to speak up, he refuses to say anything and lets the power of the pause surface up the answers through the discomfort of awkward silence. Somebody finally has to speak up. How long does that take for him to do? Only seconds, but he credits those seconds of the power of the pause to being a dynamic impact on their company. From Jeff Chavez of Authentic Development, “My challenge to you is to go back and figure out ways within your existing culture, within your industry, within your way of doing business, create dynamic methods to be practiced and to be ingrained within your team.”