Training is Dead. Real Change Rules.

The thing that we’re all after is improvement and lasting change. How do we change ourselves? How do we change our companies? How do we change our teams? How do we get better? And there’s no magic bullet. Change is hard, but it’s done with consistent effort over time with accountability, with feedback, with coaching.

There’s a great article in the Harvard Business Review where the writer basically said that training is dead. And it’s because it’s so hard for people to come from training and then re-enter their old organization.

Yes, training sessions create commitment and emotion, which is a good thing, and people will want to get better. And they’ll have the know-how to get better, but then they re-enter their old environment. And that environment, that culture is so powerful that it will drive away those commitments. So what it really takes, and the biggest challenge is for companies to create a process of development, rather than a development event. And to create accountability and follow up. Create systems even if they’re very small systems, 10 minutes a day in a meeting done over and over again yields unexpected results.

When companies commit to building a process rather than training events, they reach new heights.