The Speed of Teamwork

Teams that can learn together will win in the end.

Teams who can make mistakes, who can fail, who have psychological safety to be able to take risks and feel like it won’t come back to haunt them, who can be creative, and have different ideas in that environment are the teams who win and keep winning.

But it also is about creating some routines, some rituals, some structures around learning that are really helpful. 

Teams, for example, who are committed to teaching others to learn by pushing new responsibilities down to the lowest member. We call it point of the wedge. Put a junior person at the point of the wedge. They have support behind them, but they’re leading that charge. They’re learning faster as a result.

And when these things are put together in a system that has some structure, when routines, behaviors, and new ways of working are put together in a system that happens consistently over time, then you have huge gains as a result.