The Adoption of “Whole-Culture” Agility

Today, the most effective organizations have moved beyond Agile Teams to the adoption of Whole-Culture-Agility. They’ve come to understand that if Agile Teams work in silos and the whole culture is not on the same page, it remains difficult for new initiatives to be implemented in a way that maintains momentum.

We’ve all watched Olympic relay races that are going well, everything is moving perfectly, and the baton is passed to the second runner and the third, and just before the final stretch, the runner looks away too soon and drops the baton; all for naught. It’s over with. They lose.

Great companies can’t risk losing in the marketplace by failing to effectively transition the innovative work of Agile Teams to another team. Secondary teams may need to drive a truck or fill out a new form or attend a new meeting, but not understand the seriousness and the impact of what that innovative agile team had just discovered for the company.

The Whole-Culture methodology is designed to ensure that the entire organization, from the mail-room to the C-Suite is committed to mastering the traits and mindset of agility.