Digital Leadership and Transformation

Organizations that are going to be successful in the new digital speed of business must be able to transform quicker than their competition.

Leaders must be able to model that. Digital transformation and digital leadership is not really about the new speed of technology. It’s about mindset, behavior, and actions on a day-to-day basis.

Three big concepts drive this. One is customer centricity. Do we really understand our customers? In the digital world where customer is king we need to understand them in a way that we didn’t have to before.

Second is about looking for signals. Are we watching what’s happened externally, and not so focused internally that we’re able to see disruption and respond to it?

Third is about agility. It’s the ability to create open and fluid teams, to really build innovation and creativity into those teams to allow them to fail, to allow them to make mistakes, and learn faster because of that.

It’s the organizations that behave and think differently in a digital space that will win.